Wednesday, May 15, 2013

11 Months

Wow - I can't believe that in one month (well less than one month now since I am so behind on this blog post) my little dude will be turning ONE! Time has seriously just flown by. He's getting so big and learning so many new things!

Now that he learned how to sign "more", he is doing it ALL the time! He uses the "more" sign to mean that he wants to eat, drink, be picked up, be given whatever you are holding, or that he wants more of something. We've been working on other signs, but not much success with anything but "more" so far.

He gives kisses!

He has perfected his crawling skills and is now into EVERYTHING! Crawling really seems to have jump started his motor development because he is now doing pretty much everything except walking. He pulls himself to a stand on anything and everything now and he loves to be standing up now. One of his favorite things to do now is stand as the sliding glass door and watch the dogs.

He is getting really good at standing all by himself too!

He figured out how to walk with his walker and now will walk across the room with it.

He loves to play with his cars and will crawl around the room while pushing his cars. Such a boy!

He is also pointing now. He points and various things and looks at us while making a sound like "Eh" like he is asking us what it is or telling us about it. He LOVES to point out the ceiling fan! His babbling is becoming more frequent and it sounding much more "conversational" lately. Words we have heard so far that we are sure of are "dog" "mama" (although that one is a rarity!) and "dada" - others that we are not certain of are "ball" and "hi". 

Landon is such a fun and smiley little guy! I can't believe he has been here for almost an entire year! Just look at this handsome boy!

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