Sunday, July 8, 2012

Peanut turns ONE MONTH OLD!

On Friday my little peanut turned one month old! Already! Everyone always says "they grow so fast" or "they don't stay that little for long" - I didn't realize just how true that really is! Every time I catch myself thinking "I can't wait for ______", I make sure to stop myself because I CAN wait. I want to enjoy every moment of his tiny-ness. I feel like my baby is getting so big already. He is currently weighing in at 10lbs 4oz (weight gain on 2lbs 4oz in one month!). He has grown out of newborn clothes (I nearly cried when I first put him in 3 months clothes and realized how much better they fit) and out of newborn diapers. Just look at how much he has grown in the past month...

 Being a parent has been quite an adventure so far. We are learning new things every day. We have learned that with baby boys, it is a good idea to "point" them in the right direction when putting on a diaper. I have learned how to clip teeny tiny fingernails. I have learned that babies are loud - even in their sleep sometimes! I have learned that babies have tons of little creases and folds in their skin that are difficult to clean! I have learned that t-shirts for babies are stupid (it's all about onesies and other one piece outfits!). I have learned that babies create a lot of laundry. A LOT. I have learned what it feels like to be so tired that my body feels like it will just shut off. I have learned what an inconvenience eating, drinking, using the bathroom, showering, and other tasks required to care for yourself can be! But most of all I am learning more about love!

Being mommy is still amazing! I just adore his little yawns, sneezes, and stretches...they are the BEST!

I LOVE bathtime!

Some more of my "favorite things"
Fisher Price Rock 'N' Play Sleeper. This is by far our favorite baby item. Landon loves being in it, I can rock him in it, it is  higher off the ground than a bouncer (out of "dog zone" too), I can put him in this next to the bed and see him while laying in bed (calming my new mommy anxiety) , and less spit up since he is not laying flat on his back!
Boppy pillow = arm saver!
Puj Tub. No slipping around during bath time
And pacifiers! Enough said!
 (Specifically though MAM  "start" pacifiers. They are smaller and the only ones Landon can keep in his mouth.)

Well, here's to surviving the first month! I know the coming months will be just as full of excitement as the first :) Happy One Month birthday to my precious boy!