Thursday, December 6, 2012

To Landon on your 1/2 birthday

Dear Lan man - you are at half a year old already! Oh my how time is flying by... I remember when I first found out I was pregnant with you how it felt like your birth was so far away I couldn't even imagine it really happening. When you were born I remember thinking about the 6 month mark and feeling the same way. And here it is. I feel like I will blink my eyes and you will be walking, talking, and going to preschool!

I look down at you tonight, my little 6 month old boy, and still find myself amazed by you. How perfect you are - your tiny little nose, your sleepy eyes, your adorable little mouth with a dribble of milk running down your cheek as you fall asleep on my lap. To me, you are perfect.

Although I miss your tiny newborn days, I am having so much fun watching you grow and learn every day. In your first 6 months of life, you have learned how to do so much! You have learned to smile and laugh. You have learned how to roll over and sit up by yourself. You have learned how to grasp things and how to put anything and everything into your mouth. You have definitely learned how to get your Mommy and Daddy's attention! You are learning how to hold your own bottle and use a sippy cup.

You are growing so fast Mommy can hardly keep up! You're already wearing 12 month clothes and weigh about  21 lbs. This month we had to retire your infant car seat and put you in your big boy carseat. You don't seem to like the big boy car seat as much - but I'm sure you will get used to it.

You are the happiest little baby and are such a joy to me and your dad. Not much makes you cry. You love Daddy's guitar, playing your own little musical instruments, when Mommy and Daddy sing to you, and just about anything else musical. You love bath time and your jumperoo. You love to stand up and you love your binky. You love when people come to visit and you especially love listening to your Grandpa Bush's voice. You laugh at silly voices, funny sounds, people eating crunchy foods - and last night: FEET! Sometimes you will laugh at almost anything.

I am so lucky to be your Mommy. Until you one day have children of your own, you will never understand how truly, deeply, intensely, and unconditionally I love you. I love the way you hold my finger, the way you smile when I come home from work, the way you calm down when I put my hand on your chest. I love when you grab my face and when you touch my cheek softly. I LOVE your laughter - trust me, your Daddy and I do some crazy things to hear that laughter. I love knowing that you are my son.

So, my little peanut, on your 6 month birthday - 1/2 a year!!!!! - although you do not understand this now, you are special and wonderful and amazing. You are smart and handsome. You are perfect. You are loved.


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