Sunday, November 11, 2012

5 month old little monkey!

Okay... I'm a little behind on this one! Being a mommy = less time to get things done, being a working mommy = almost NO time to get things done! Lan Man turned 5 months old on Tuesday! He is getting so big! His 6 month clothes barely fit so he is mostly in 9 month stuff and it's looking like we'll be ready for 12 month any second. We weighed him at home on his 5 month birthday and he is about 20 lbs now! What the heck little man?! His infant seat is soon to be retired. :(

This month has been a big one for milestones! He learned how to roll from his tummy to his back (although he has refused to do it again after showing off the skill about 6 times on the day he learned it). A few weeks after that and he is sitting up completely independently. He will still fall from time to time, but it is rare now and he can sit for 15+ minutes - such a big boy!!

He is playing with toys more now too. We bought him a cute little toy piano and he had a great time banging the keys on that and making music with his daddy.

He loves his jumperoo too, but he hasn't quite figured out the jumping part :)

Landon also had his first Halloween this month! He was the cutest little skunk!

He officially found his feet this month and is working hard at getting them into his mouth!

It continues to amaze me how fast he is growing and changing! It is hard to believe that just 5 months ago this big boy...

was THIS little boy...



  1. Thanks Bre. These are wonderful. I cannot believe he is sitting up already! Hope to see you guys real soon-

  2. This is absolutely beautiful. <3 My little precious nephew is so cute!!!! :)